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Welcome to OpenLabor !

If you are searching for a job in the Province of Roma, you are in the right place!

Decide which job you are interested in, choose the geographical area and insert your study title.
The search engine will help you to find the job the fits you better.
If you'd like:
  • to use OpenLabor everywhere,
  • receive real time notifications on jobs available,
  • share a job offer with to your friends or contact the Employement Center
download the App OpenLabor Roma for Android

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Have a good search !

OpenLabor is a still in development application brought to you by Lynx with the cofinancing of European Program CIP ICT/PSP in two connected projects in the field of Smart Cities:

We use public data provided by opendata portal of Province of Roma, who is partner in the two projects.

OpenLabor is an opensource software released under GPL v.3 license.