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OpenLabor API specification


The OpenLabor API is used by applications for sending job and training requests to Province of Rome (III Department). At the moment, API is used for sending request about job, but the future plan is to use it on training as well. Following functionalities are provided by the API:
  • Listing of service request types and definitions of the additional attributes
  • Submitting service requests
  • Quering individual or multiple service requests and their descriptions and status
The issue reporting API is based on GeoReporting version 2, which is better known as Open311 specification. This interface is compliant with CitySDK specific enhancements to Open311


Applications submitting jobs/training offers or submitting comments will need API key. All other methods do not require API key.

Encoding and formats

UTF-8 is required everywhere. API supports both XML and JSON.

Language support

The language specification is forseen (the locale variable accept the format: en_US, it_IT)

API methods

OpenLabor provides RESTFul API methods according to international standard Open311:

  • Check out the service (discovery): XML o JSON
  • Check out the services (services): XML o JSON
  • Check out the details of JOBS search service: XML o JSON
  • Check out the details of the reporting job service: XML o JSON
  • Check out the details of the training opportunities search service: XML o JSON
  • Check out the details of the reporting training opportinities service: XML o JSON